Mikhail Golubev, chess grandmaster and journalist from Odessa, Ukraine.

Born on 30 May 1970 in Odessa.
A silver medalist of the Ukrainian U-17 Championship in 1984 (ahead of V.Ivanchuk and many other future grandmasters). Shared 7th-10th places in the USSR U-18 Championship in 1985. Played on the Ukrainian U-18 team in 1988.
International Chess Grandmaster since 1996. Champion of Ukraine in 1996.
In 1999 won the Open Championship of Switzerland. Highest ELO rating achieved: 2570 in January 1995. Highest position in the world rankings: 110th-120th in January 1994. Highest position among Ukrainians: 10th in January 1994.
Clear or shared first in 17 international tournaments with a long time control (1992-2010). Best ELO Performances: Belgian League 2002/3, Bethune 2002, Karvina 1992/3, Yalta 1996, Berlin 1993, Neuchatel 1993. Winner of the Odessa City & Region championship in 2008. Winner of the Belgian club championships in 1994-1998, 2003, 2004. Winner of the Ukrainian blitz club championship in 2017.
Active as chess journalist since 1998:
In 1998-2003 editor of the website Ukrainian Chess Online. Journalist for KasparovChess in 2000. Journalist for ChessToday.net in 2001-2014. Chess observer of the Ukrainian sport newspaper Komanda in 2003-2011. Journalist for Chess-News.ru in 2011-2012, 2014. Journalist for ChessPro.ru in 2004-2011, in 2012-2013. Co-author of the Odessa chess TV program Shkola Chempionov, 2012-2016. Chess reviewer for the Kyiv Chess Federation website in 2017, 2018.
Author of chess books:
Easy Guide to the Dragon (1999), The Sicilian Sozin (2001), Understanding the King’s Indian (2006), Understanding the Sicilian (2017).
Chess assistant to the 2002/4 FIDE world champion Ruslan Ponomariov at numerous tournaments; in 1996-97 worked in Anatoly Karpov’s (then the FIDE world champion) team of chess analysts.
In October 2006 – February 2007 member of the Board of the Association of Chess Professionals.
EuroMaidan-Odessa political activist, 2013-2016.

see also: Wikipedia (in Ukrainian), 24 June 2017 – pdf


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