Magyar Sakkvilág (“Hungarian Chess”) 10/2018
Krug TV, September 2018 (Ukrainian/Russian)
60 Seconds with… (Chess Magazine, January 2018) (in Russian), February 2016
The Grandmaster Activist. Kingpin, Aug/Sep 2015, video
Sahy.Ukr (in Ukrainian and Russian), June 2015
MAT (Polish chess magazine) 2013/14
British Chess Magazine, March 2013
Radio Chess-News (6 December 2011; in Russian)
ATV (October 2011; in Russian) (July-September 2011)
ICTV (15 June 2011; in Russian)
Vzgliad iz Odessy (21st November 2010; in Russian)
ICC – (16th February 2010)Fragment on Youtube (20th March 2009) Featured Chess Author (June 2008)
By Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind (24th July 2007)
By Misha Savinov at (11th July 2007)
Interview at the ACP website (20th March 2006)
By Soren Sogaard, Seagaard Chess Reviews (16th March 2003)
By Santhosh M Paul, Correspondence Chess News 31 (14 Jan 2001)


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