Open letter to the Ukrainian Chess Federation President (Oct 2017)
Chess Week – Nedelya Shahmat, regular reviews (2017)
Klubis Memorial (written in July 2016) PDF
Korchnoi (June 2016)
Carlsen vs Anand: notes to all games (, 2014)
Ushenina vs Hou Yifan: notes to all games (ChessPro, 2013)
Ukrainian Championship 2013 (ChessPro, June 2013)
The Hastings Dragon (ChessPro, January 2013)
Olympiad 2012 round reviews (ChessPro, August-September 2012)
The Ukrainian Question (, April 2012)
European Championship: Commenting on Twitter (March 2012)
Chebanenko Mem – Qualification (, February 2012)
On Slyusarchuk and Rybka (, 15 November 2011)
On GM Tony Miles (, 12 November 2011)
In Defence of European Cup (, 29 September 2011)
Internet blitz vs GM Chabanon (, 26 August 2011)
Was Botvinnik right? (, August 2011)
Will of Time (Komanda –, July 2011)
Staroindiystvo (ChessPro, March 2011)
Interview with Vasyl Ivanchuk (Komanda, 16 February 2011)
Ukrainian Championships 1992-2010 (Komanda, January 2011)
Unplayed world championship matches (Komanda, November 2010)
Shirov-Carlsen, Bilbao 2010 = 174 moves! (live notes at Chesspro)
Kramnik-Nakamura, Olympiad 2010 (live notes at Chesspro)
Efimenko vs Naiditsch 2010 (annotations at the official website)
Nisipeanu-Carlsen, Medias 2010 (Chesspro)
ACP World Cup 2010: overview (Chesspro)
IZ DUBLIA book presentation (Chesspro)
Anand-Topalov, Game 7, 2010 (live notes at Chesspro)
ACP World Cup 2009: overview (Chesspro)
Amber 2009 (express round reviews at Chesspro)
Anand vs Kramnik, Bonn 2008 (preview for Chesspro)
Karjakin vs Short, Kiev 2008 (photo report at Chesspro)
Chatting with Magnus Carlsen (Chesspro, 24 June 2008)
Aerosvit Foros 2008 (reports for Chesspro)
4th Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup, annotated games (Chesspro)
4th Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup, overview (Chesspro)
Baku 2008 – Dragon’s Rise (annotated game at Chesspro)
Amber 2008 (express round reviews at Chesspro)
Interview with Vishy Anand (ChessPro, 7 November 2007)
Living Chess, Odessa 2007 (Chesspro)
Kramnik-Anand, Mexico 2007 (live notes at Chesspro)
Interview with Vasyl Ivanchuk (Komanda, 2007)
Golubev-Kruppa, Kiev 1995 (Chesspro, 2007)
Aerosvit Foros 2007 (reports for Chesspro)
Linares 2007 (annotated games at Chesspro)
ACP World Cup 2007 (reports for Chesspro)
Odessa-Istanbul Cruise Tournament (Chesspro)
Pivdenny Bank Geller Memorial 2006 (overview at Chesspro)
Aerosvit Foros 2006 (reports for Chesspro)
Mtel Masters 2006 (reports for Chesspro)
Topalov vs Nisipeanu, Bucharest 2006 (reports for Chesspro)
Geller Memorial, Odessa 2005 (reports for Chesspro)


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