May 29, 2022

Starting from November 2009 mikhailgolubev.wordpress.com serves as my personal page. Here the basic information about my activities can be found; I am not planning to update this site often.

Mikhail Golubev (chess grandmaster, journalist, author and coach from Odessa, Ukraine)


2022 war: some of my news/comments
(!!!) Friends, if you want to help us to DEFEND Ukraine and specifically Odessa but are not sure how… See my April 24th message: Twitter Facebook

I have been giving online chess lessons since December 2019. Details: Chess Coaching. 2022

December 31, 2021. ALL my preserved games – CBV. Updated. (Online training games are not included)

May 2021. An interview for TheChessMentor website

June 2017. Very glad with the news that my new chess book, Understanding the Sicilian, is released! (June 2018. The French edition, Comprendre la Sicilienne is published!)

My email address is gmi@europe.com
FB: facebook.com/mikhail.golubev
Twitter Eng: twitter.com/mikhail_golubev
Twitter Rus/Ukr: twitter.com/golubev_mikhail

My chess blog: chess.com/blog/MikhailGolubev

Odessa chess TV program Shkola Chempionov (2012-2016, 2019)


May 29, 2022

Some Chess in Times of War (my blog at Chess.com, May 29)
The Russia Report, Issue 96. Interview (April 15); pdf
Interview, Vechernyaya Odessa newspaper (March 31; in Rus.); jpg
Chess Moves (the ECF newsletter), March – interview
GO Kalyna volunteer center in Odessa/Odesa – March 16 (Youtube)
Ukrainian Voices (Lichess) March 15, Rus. translation
Ukrainian Voices (Lichess) March 15
Exclusive: Mother Jones, March 14
What I said at the March 12 online briefing (Youtube)
March 12 online briefing: UKR Foreign Minister, Kasparov and others
Ukrainian Chess Players In Times Of War – March 11, Rus. translation
Ukrainian Chess Players In Times Of War (Chess.com) – March 11
The End Of Era (my blog at Chess.com) – March 11
Support Ukraine by Jobavas – March 3 stream, fragment (Youtube)
GO Kalyna volunteer center in Odessa/Odesa – March 3 (Youtube)
Support Ukraine by Jobavas – February 26 stream fragment (Twitter)


March 21, 2022

Mikhail Golubev. Chess grandmaster, journalist, author and coach from Odessa, Ukraine.

Born on 30 May 1970 in Odessa.
A silver medalist of the Ukrainian U-17 Championship in 1984 (ahead of V.Ivanchuk and many other future grandmasters). Shared 7th-10th places in the USSR U-18 Championship in 1985. Played on the Ukrainian U-18 team in 1988.
International Chess Grandmaster since 1996. Champion of Ukraine in 1996.
In 1999 won the Open Championship of Switzerland. Highest ELO rating achieved: 2570 in January 1995. Highest position in the world rankings: 110th-120th in January 1994. Highest position among Ukrainians: 10th in January 1994.
Clear or shared first in 17 international tournaments with a long time control (1992-2010). Best ELO Performances: Belgian League 2002/3, Bethune 2002, Karvina 1992/3, Yalta 1996, Berlin 1993, Neuchatel 1993. Winner of the Odessa City & Region championship in 2008. Winner of the Belgian club championships in 1994-1998, 2003, 2004. Winner of the Ukrainian blitz club championship in 2017.
Active as chess journalist since 1998:
In 1998-2003 editor of the website Ukrainian Chess Online. Journalist for KasparovChess in 2000. Journalist for ChessToday.net in 2001-2014. Chess observer of the Ukrainian sport newspaper Komanda in 2003-2011. Journalist for Chess-News.ru in 2011-2012, 2014. Journalist for ChessPro.ru in 2004-2011, in 2012-2013. Co-author of the Odessa chess TV program Shkola Chempionov, 2012-2019. Chess reviewer for the Kyiv Chess Federation website in 2017, 2018.
Author of chess books:
Easy Guide to the Dragon (1999), The Sicilian Sozin (2001), Understanding the King’s Indian (2006), Understanding the Sicilian (2017).
Chess assistant to the 2002-2004 FIDE world champion Ruslan Ponomariov at numerous tournaments; in 1996-97 worked in Anatoly Karpov’s (then the FIDE world champion) team of chess analysts.
I have been giving online chess lessons since December 2019.
In October 2006 – February 2007 member of the Board of the Association of Chess Professionals.
EuroMaidan-Odessa political activist, 2013-2016.

see also: Wikipedia (in Ukrainian), 07 Feb 2020 – pdf


March 21, 2022

June 2017. Very glad with the news that my new chess book, Understanding the Sicilian, is released!


More about the book

(June 2018. The French edition, Comprendre la Sicilienne is published!)

I also wrote the following chess books:
Easy Guide to the Dragon (Everyman/Gambit, 1999)
The Sicilian Sozin (Gambit, 2001)
Understanding the King’s Indian (Gambit, 2006)

The Kindle Edition of my 2006 book: Understanding the King’s Indian
My King’s Indian blog is at: mikhail-golubev.livejournal.com
My Amazon.com Author Page


March 21, 2022

Chess Moves (the ECF newsletter), March 2022
TheChessMentor, May 2021
Magyar Sakkvilág (“Hungarian Chess”) 10/2018
Krug TV, September 2018 (Ukrainian/Russian)
60 Seconds with… (CHESS Magazine, January 2018)
Odessachess.com (in Russian), February 2016
The Grandmaster Activist. Kingpin, Aug/Sep 2015, video
Sahy.Ukr (in Ukrainian and Russian), June 2015
MAT (Polish chess magazine) 2013/14
British Chess Magazine, March 2013
Radio Chess-News (6 December 2011; in Russian)
ATV (October 2011; in Russian)
OnlineChessLessons.net (July-September 2011)
ICTV (15 June 2011; in Russian)
Vzgliad iz Odessy (21st November 2010; in Russian)
ICC – Chessclub.com (16th February 2010)Fragment on Youtube
Latestchess.com (20th March 2009)
ChessDom.com Featured Chess Author (June 2008)
By Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind (24th July 2007)
By Misha Savinov at ChessCafe.com (11th July 2007)
Interview at the ACP website (20th March 2006)
By Soren Sogaard, Seagaard Chess Reviews (16th March 2003)
By Santhosh M Paul, Correspondence Chess News 31 (14 Jan 2001)


March 21, 2022


Bogdanovich-Golubev, Odessa 2010
Golubev-Tregubov, Manama 2009
Golubev-Chernyshov, Odessa 2007
Oleksienko-Golubev, Odessa 2007
Golubev-Korchnoi, Odessa rapid 2006
Esen-Golubev, Moscow 2006
Golubev-Loskutov, Alushta 2005
Bunzmann-Golubev, Bethune 2002
Golubev-Lupulescu, Bucharest 2002
Piket-Golubev, Bundesliga 2002
Golubev-Khenkin, Bundesliga 2002
Golubev-G.Szabo, Bucharest 2001
Golubev-Krasenkow, 2nd Bundesliga 2001
Bologan-Golubev, Romanian League 2000
Golubev-Moroz, Donetsk Zonal 1998
Van der Weide-Golubev, Chemnitz 1998
Golubev-Watzke, Chemnitz 1998
Golubev-Suba, Romanian League 1996
L.Gutman-Golubev, Weilburg 1995
Golubev-A.Sokolov, Biel MTO 1995
Golubev-Kochetkov, Nikolaev Zonal 1995
Golubev-Miles, Biel MTO 1994
Istratescu-Golubev, Lucerne 1994
Golubev-Adianto, Lucerne 1994
Adorjan-Golubev, Alushta XIV 1994
Golubev-Sutovsky, Groningen open 1993
Golubev-Zvjaginsev, Loosdorf 1993
Borovikov-Golubev, Nikolaev Zonal 1993
Golubev-Epishin, Geneva 1993
Khomyakov-Golubev, Ostrava 1992
D.Gurevich-Golubev, Biel MTO 1992
Golubev-Mantovani, Biel MTO 1992
Bogdanovski-Golubev, Skopje 1991
Golubev-Kozul, Skopje open 1991
Onischuk-Golubev, URS Army ChT 1989
Lapshun-Golubev, Odessa 1987
Krichevsky-Golubev, Odessa Ch-Sf 1983

This collection at Chessgames.com

On this site: Selected Combinations


March 21, 2022


Volokitin and Dolzhykova are 2021 Ukrainian Champions
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Korobov and Buksa are the 2018 Ukrainian champions
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Open Championship of Odessa Region 2018 (The Week in Chess)
Carlsen vs Jones, Wijk 2018 – Dragon (ChessBase.com)
Korchnoi (СN translation; June 2016)
Foreword to the book “Ivanchuk: Move by Move” (2015)
Interview with Nigel Short (Chess-News.ru, November 2011)
When The Absurd Triumphs (ChessToday – ChessBase, 2011)
Chess celebrations in Odessa, September 2010 (ChessBase.com)
Chess celebrations in Odessa, September 2010 (ChessBase.de)
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Huge success of the Arcapita Open in Bahrain (ChessBase.com)
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Problems in FIDE (January 2003; two articles in the pdf file)
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Interview with Viorel Bologan (Chess Today, 2002)
A Sea of Benefit and an Ocean of Pleasure (Chess-Sector, 2000)
Experimenting with the Dragon (Teoria, 1998)


March 21, 2022


Chernivtsi Autumn: best games (Bukchess.com, October 2019)
The Eternal Dragon (Chess-News, August 2019)
Open letter to the Ukrainian Chess Fed President (October 2017)
Chess Week – Nedelya Shahmat, regular reviews (2017, 2018)
Klubis Memorial (written in July 2016) PDF
Korchnoi (June 2016)
Carlsen vs Anand: notes to all games (Chess-News, 2014)
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Interview with Vasyl Ivanchuk (Komanda, 16 February 2011)
Ukrainian Championships 1992-2010 (Komanda, January 2011)
Unplayed world championship matches (Komanda, November 2010)
Shirov-Carlsen, Bilbao 2010 = 174 moves! (live notes at Chesspro)
Kramnik-Nakamura, Olympiad 2010 (live notes at Chesspro)
Efimenko vs Naiditsch 2010 (annotations at the official website)
Nisipeanu-Carlsen, Medias 2010 (Chesspro)
ACP World Cup 2010: overview (Chesspro)
IZ DUBLIA book presentation (Chesspro)
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Living Chess, Odessa 2007 (Chesspro)
Kramnik-Anand, Mexico 2007 (live notes at Chesspro)
Interview with Vasyl Ivanchuk (Komanda, 2007)
Golubev-Kruppa, Kiev 1995 (Chesspro, 2007)
Aerosvit Foros 2007 (reports for Chesspro)
Linares 2007 (annotated games at Chesspro)
ACP World Cup 2007 (reports for Chesspro)
Odessa-Istanbul Cruise Tournament (Chesspro)
Pivdenny Bank Geller Memorial 2006 (overview at Chesspro)
Aerosvit Foros 2006 (reports for Chesspro)
Mtel Masters 2006 (reports for Chesspro)
Topalov vs Nisipeanu, Bucharest 2006 (reports for Chesspro)
Geller Memorial, Odessa 2005 (reports for Chesspro)


March 21, 2022

ct-4696.pdf ACP Cup 2013: Jakovenko-Svidler
ct-4695.pdf ACP Cup 2013: Nepomniachtchi–Ponomariov
ct-4528.pdf Carlsen wins Candidates Tournament, London
ct-4406.pdf Stefanova-Ushenina, Women’s Wch Final, Game 4
ct-4252.pdf Golubev-Chernyshov, Odessa 2007 (June 2012)
ct-4238.pdf Analysis from the 1980s – updated (June 2012)
ct-4183.pdf The Velimirovic Attack
ct-4068.pdf December 28, 2011
ct-3880.pdf Moiseenko-Ponomariov, Ukrainian Championship 2011
ct-3852.pdf My 1000th issue of Chess Today, 26 May 2011
ct-3826.pdf Hra Stolittia Event in Kiev: When The Absurd Triumphs
ct-3679.pdf Bogdanovich vs Golubev, Podgaets Mem 2010
ct-3658.pdf Karjakin vs Kramnik, Tal Mem, annotated
ct-3629.pdf 2010 Grand Slam Final; Help Galina Shliahtich!
ct-3488.pdf 4th Rapid Chess World Cup, Odessa 2010
ct-3414.pdf Geller-85 simul; various world chess news
ct-3351.pdf Gelfand-Nakamura, World Team Ch 2010
ct-3315.pdf Podgaets Memorial Blitz 2009
ct-2766.pdf Pivdenny Cup 2008, two games versus Viktor Korchnoi
ct-2506.pdf Odessa Open Geller Memorial 2007
ct-2429.pdf The Foros Highlights
ct-2255.pdf ACP World Cup Special
ct-2000.pdf Whose Games did we Annotate?
ct-1927.pdf Aeroflot open 2006
ct-1873.pdf Bucharest; Starting Out: The Sicilian Dragon reviewed
ct-1665.pdf I turned 35
ct-1524.pdf Book Review: Play the Sicilian Dragon
ct-1361.pdf CD Review: B75-B79
ct-1194.pdf Golubev-Mantovani annotated
ct-0521.pdf Impressions of Chess Informant 83 EE
ct-0316.pdf Ukrainian Championship 2001 report

The first daily chess newspaper on the net, Chess Today, is copyright by GM Alexander Baburin; any reproduction of CT files without his consent is prohibited.


March 21, 2022


The Russia Report, Issue 96. Interview (April 15); pdf
Chess Moves (the English Chess Federation newsletter) March 2022
May 2nd, 2019 stream from the Odessa meeting (in English, Czech)
UA: ODESA (in Ukrainian, Russian), 21 November 2018
Dumskaya TV (Odessa, in Russian), 22 June 2016
Media Inform TV (Odessa), in Russian, 30 May 2016
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 23 May 2016
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 13 April 2016
NewsOne TV, in Russian, on #FreeSavchenko 12 March 2016
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 23 October 2015
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 23 September 2015
Media Inform TV (Odessa), in Russian, 15 September 2015
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 27 August 2015
FT, 8 July 2015 (comments; political)
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 24 June 2015
Reporter TV (Odessa), in Russian, 20 February 2015
OODTRK TV (Odessa), in Russian, 19 February 2015
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 16 February 2015
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 12 February 2015
OODTRK TV (Odessa), in Russian, 22 December 2014
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 4 August 2014
X Soviet, 28 April 2014
Crikey (Australia), 12 March 2014
Al Jazeera English, 6 February 2014
ZIK TV (Lviv), 31 January 2014 (Ukrainian/Russian)
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 22 January 2014
Krug TV (Odessa), in Russian, 23 December 2013
Media Inform TV (Odessa), in Russian, 23 December 2013
Morion TV (Evpatoria), in Russian, 4 December 2013

(More political Odessa TV interviews can be found here)