Understanding The Sicilian

June 2017. Very glad with the news that my new chess book, Understanding the Sicilian, is released! Published by Gambit Publicatons:

June 2018. The French edition, Comprendre la Sicilienne is published!

Understanding the Sicilian by Mikhail Golubev

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Understanding the Siclian is my main book, there is effort and struggle in two years of writing and more than 35 ‘Sicilian’ years in total.
There are 120 main annotated games of mine, including:
Games 46-91: Dragon; Games 92-120: Fischer Attack/Sozin/Velimirovic; Games 1-45: other Sicilian systems. (Pages 99-168, 168-235, 8-98 respectively).
The earliest main game is Gashibayazov-Golubev, 1981; the newest is Bogdanovich-Golubev, 2016.
118 over-the-board games were played in 16 countries. (There is also one postal correspondence game, and one game from the internet tournament).


review in Hungarian by GM Tibor Fogarasi – Magyar Sakkvilág 2018
Yamil Duba (Captain Chess), September 2018
review in German by IM Frank Zeller – Schach 12/2017
FM Dennis Monokroussos – The Chess Mind
GM Matthew Sadler in New In Chess Magazine 6/2017 ****
FM Carsten Hansen in American Chess Magazine 4/2017
Sean Marsh – Chess Magazine, Sept 2017; pdf
review in Greek – Anogiachess
review in Dutch by B.H. Wilders – Nederlands Dagblad
Davide Nastasio – Georgia Chess News
John Elburg – Chessbooks.nl
Miguel Ararat – gainesvillechesstraining.com


Contact Mikhail Golubev: gmi@europe.com



Photos: Odessa, July 2017


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